As a Widr contributor, we are pleased to introduce Arnaud Touati, a partner in the law firm Hashtag Avocats specializing in digital law.

His background

“When I turned 14, I was offered a civil code for my birthday. It was just a simple joke that later made sense.”

Arnaud Touati, 11 décembre 2019

Arnaud Touati has always had a keen interest in the legal field. Having a high regard for justice, he has always considered law as a serious career option. A geek at heart, he also has a keen interest in digital issues: new technologies, coding, personal data, video games or even the Internet, which he already had access to in … 1994.

After graduating from the Universities of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne and Paris II Panthéon Assas, Maître Touati decided to pursue an LLM in Chicago after obtaining his Master’s degree. He lived there for a year and a half. It was during this experience that he discovered a whole new way of understanding the law, both in its practical aspects and in its cultural and educational approach.

On his return from the United States, Maître Touati passed the Paris bar. This experience across the Atlantic opened many doors for him, and he passed through various large Anglo-Saxon law firms such as Linklaters, Weil, Gotshal & Manges or Eversheds.

These experiences will make him aware of what he wants to undertake. Maître Touati then founded his own structure in 2015, Alto Avocats, which a few years later became the firm of Alto Avocats. Hashtag Avocats.

By creating his firm, Mr. Touati decided to combine law and business, which makes economic sense, he confides. He is thus oriented towards digital law, and particularly the support of start-ups, in which he is a specialist.

His firm, Hashtag Avocats

Hashtag Avocats is the result of Maître Touati’s meeting with Harry Allouche, a brilliant lawyer at the Quebec Bar and an entrepreneurial enthusiast. The two men met through a mutual friend who was a startup entrepreneur. He met the other of his co-founders, Jonas Haddad, in the course of his political duties. He impresses him with his maturity and the impressive quality of his network.

Later, Maître Touati crossed paths with a third partner, Giovanna Nino, whose legal skills totally impressed him. He then decides to chase her out until she agrees to join the firm. Hashtag Avocats

Today, the firm has a staff of about fifteen, including four partners, four associates, an office manager and five trainees.

The firm specializes in particular in the creation of start-ups, their legal structuring, and related tax issues. IA, BlockChain or GDPR compliance are among the firm’s specialties.

The particularity of the firm Hashtag Avocats lies in the search for productivity, in the manner of start-ups. This is how Arnaud Touati and his associates work to automate as many tasks as possible.

Business Development, Marketing Automation, everything goes. The firm is inspired by the way start-ups operate to increase productivity and streamline processes. Maître Touati explains it with an example:

“ Rather than spend five hours on a legal task that I could largely automate, I prefer to spend three hours discussing with the client, visiting his work relationship to better understand his issues and meet his teams, and only the rest to finalize a work that is 90% done automatically. This consolidates my relationship with the client and proves more rewarding for my teams who focus on tasks with higher added value. ” 

Arnaud Touati, 11 décembre 2019

He goes on to say:

The legal profession will evolve considerably and many components are set to be replaced by AI. In my opinion, what will be much more difficult to replace are the soft skills. That’s why I prefer to spend time with the client, because that’s where our real added value as a lawyer lies.”

Arnaud Touati, 11 décembre 2019

According to the lawyer, the profession is at the crossroads of profound change. “If we are not able to change quickly, it can be very complicated. Especially since a large majority of lawyers in France don’t even have a website.”

At the same time, Maitre Touati aims to take a more important place within the Lab EFB, an incubator of innovative legaltech projects for future lawyers.

Arnaud Touati, Hashtag Avocats and Widr

“Productivity is the future. Anything that improves productivity must be used by the lawyer of the future.”

Arnaud Touati, 11 décembre 2019

According to the lawyer, among the many cases of automation use, there is a considerable loss of time in the profession when making appointments with clients. By implementing his Widr agenda, Maître Touati gains in productivity and avoids a lot of useless back and forth trips.

As part of the project Widr, Arnaud Touati plays the role of matchmaker in an ecosystem of which he is an integral part. In this way, he contributes on a daily basis to the improvement of the service.

To contact Arnaud Touati, please go to his Widr page.