Your startup is getting bigger, you’re facing legal issue or you just need some advice? You might need to hire a lawyer!

Let’s list here the main situations a lawyer can help you, how to choose the right one and a bonus tip.

5 situations lawyer can help you and your startup

  • Privacy and GPRD

In the US, as well as in Europe, privacy policies are reinforced and stricter than ever.

Every startup is now required to “collect and maintain personally identifiable data from a consumer”. This mean each startup has to ensure that user know, understand and consent to the data collected about him/her (full name, home address, location data, IP address among others), with clear and concise info about their collection. They have to think about that GPRD compliance at a very early stage.

On their side, consumers, clients and citizens must be able to access these information and edit them at any time, ask to have them deleted and ask to limit the use of decisions made by algorithms.

To be sure you comply with the law, you might want to get the help of a specialized lawyer.

  • Trademarks

To protect yourself from someone copying your work (logo, design, baseline, technology,…), you can be tempted to hire a lawyer. He/she will file a trademark or a patent for you, research, monitor and renew patents or trademarks, help you in case of litigation, and more.

  • Clients agreements

In order to avoid all misunderstandings with your clients, it’s best to use formal legal contracts and documents since the beginning of your relationship. Doing so, it guarantees  100% transparency between you from day one, and you won’t probably never get in an argument.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Whether you hire a new team member, get an external consultant or a freelance, or start to work with business development partners, you might want to have them sign a NDA.

Unlike a one-way one, mutual NDAs are much more complicated so you should be more relaxed having a lawyer taking care of that.

  • Immigration matter

We all know the U.S. immigration system is very complex. For tourist visa, you can do it alone (but still, take care of not ticking the wrong box!!), but when it comes to companies and immigration, the best is to be guided at all steps.

Hiring an immigration lawyer will help you save time and money.

Criteria new entrepreneurs should take into account when hiring a lawyer

As usual when looking for an attorney, you should look for someone that you trust and that you get along with.

Some tasks will feel very unattractive so you should find someone you enjoy working with, as well as someone who has an interest in you and the work you do.

Among other qualities, competence, responsiveness and experience are some qualities you obviously should look for.

And we don’t say that because we’re building the best place to find an attorney 😉 but we found out that referrals are often the best place to find the lawyer that fits you at 100%.

Legal priorities to focus on while on a budget

As a bonus tip from the Widr team, here are some priorities we feel that need to be addressed very ealy, in the startup life:

  • “in house” legal needs: Decide on the legal form of your company (LLC, corporation,..) to protect you personally from business liabilities, establish the ownership and equity rights of the company in case you’re several founders, set up all legal forms and contracts,…
  • “outside” legal needs: Protect and ensure the owning of the business’ intellectual property (name, trademark), be GDPR compliant, make sure you’re paying the right taxes, dividends and so on.

Still doubting you can benefit from hiring a lawyer? Book a consultation now with one of the lawyers we recommend at Widr and see how the lawyer can help you and your startup!