You’re an attorney and you’re thinking of new ways to get meetings with potential and current clients? How about some online appointment system?

Check out the benefits of Widr online booking and explore how it can work for you and your law firm.

Benefits of online bookings

If you think taking bookings on a big paper agenda is a bit old-fashioned or not efficient enough, you should look into online booking.

This system has many benefits, both for the client and for the attorney:

  • Firstly, it offers the possibility to people to book a meeting on a 24 hour/7 day basis, as they are no longer dependant of your office opening hours.
  • For you, as a professional, it means your agenda is filling up automatically: you don’t have anything to do or manage but tracking the new bookings.
  • Besides you can have a look at your agenda whenever you like, from wherever you are. No more paper agenda to carry, your digital agenda follows you everywhere, whether you chose Google, Outlook or Apple calendar.

Let’s go further and list some more advantages:

  • With no assistant needed to manage your agenda, you drastically cut the cost of your law firm, while you also spend less time doing administrative/secretariat work.
  • Your agenda is now “intelligent”: if a client cancels a meeting, the time slot will automatically show itself available again for someone else. That way, you fill empty time slots and your whole day is much more organized and optimized. You can also chose to open and close time slots to organize your days as you wish.
  • Finally, with automatic reminders before the appointed day, the clients tend less to forget the meeting. You have a better occupancy rate with no action required on your part.

How to make the client use the online booking system?

The next question you’re probably asking yourself is “how to make the client use some online booking system”? We have a few answers.

The first step to get client using online booking system is to have a very fluent and easy process to make an appointment: the client, prospective or current, must find right away what he came for. Make sure your infos are clearly displayed: your short biography, your location, your profile picture, your expertise or law area you’re specialized in, your contact infos (email, phone number) and finally, what will interest the client the most, your agenda and available time slots.

Another key to success is to make sure to update on a regular basis your agenda: open and close time slots carefully, in order to be responsive for the client and his needs.

Finally, whether your latest client booked a meeting with you through an online booking system or not, make sure to sensibilize him/her on using the online booking the next time.
If he used it, thank him and ensure to ask how was his experience, what could be improved.

If he didn’t, introduce him to this new way of booking, explain quickly what the advantages are (for him especially) and if you have some time left, you can even show what it looks like.

Bonus tip: Ensure also to add at the bottom of the emails you send and to your website some links towards your booking system.

Widr, the new and best online booking system on the market

As of today, we don’t know any better online booking system than ours: Widr.

It’s the most efficient tool to manage your agenda, designed to get new leads and save time and money for every attorney who will use it.

On Widr, the main feature is probably the visio conference tool. It allows the attorney to meet his client via visio conference and it’s a huge time saver. Also, they can speak to each other even if they’re not geographically close.

How does it work?

The client books a meeting with the attorney he selected on Widr. The attorney receives a booking confirmation (as well as the client) and the meeting is automatically added to his agenda.

The appointed day, both the attorney and the client receive an email with the link to connect to the visio conference.

Let’s get to work!

Try Widr for free today and request a free and quick demo of the tool so you can see by yourself how it works and can help you get more clients while saving time.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we’d be glad to answer!