You’ve signed up on Widr, connected your calendar and now have to fill in all the fields to introduce yourself? We’re here to help! Here are some tips to help you write a good description.

Why is your description important?

As it will be one of the first things people will see and read when they visit your Widr profile, your description must be well thought and written.

See your description as an introduction of your business and yourself.

This kind-of-business card includes also your name, profile picture, job title, location… but your description is almost at the top of all these infos, both on desktop and mobile, which means people don’t necessary have to scroll down before reading it.

At last, your description is part of the very first impression you make, so it must be good and well polished.

A few questions to help you think about your profile

Before starting writing your description, here are some questions to help you think about your profile and yourself. Answering these questions can give you some keys to do a great opening description.

  • Why do you love your work? Why are you passionate about your job?
  • What sets you apart from everyone else?
  • What combinations of skills help you achieve results? Is there any unique knowledge you’ve brought into your work from other life experiences?
  • What are your goals and ambitions?
  • What are your guiding principles?

How to write a good description?

  1. Start strong

Every word in your description count, but make your first sentence count!

You have to hook your audience right away, otherwise you’ll lose them.

If you’re a creative writer, start your summary/presentation with a catchy hook, that invited readers to want to know more.

Other option: let’s do it simple, start with the number-one thing you want people to know about you.

2. Open up about your career

Of course, your Widr description isn’t supposed to be your unabridged biography. However, people are right to expect to know more about your career, your accomplishments, and dig into what makes you the right person for this job.

They need to know more about the passion you put into your job, so opening up about that will add a lot to your potential: what excites you most professionally? Do you have an interest in a specific area? Placing these ideas in your description will help color your entire career scheme.

Note that opening up is particularly recommended if you’re a young attorney and don’t have much experience.

Also, share the problems you solve on a regular basis, for whom and how. Explain also how you motivate your team and/or support your clients. This will demonstrate your skills, your knowledges and most importantly your work style.

3. Reveal your personality

Apart from work, your description is a good opportunity to show who you are as a person.

Are you humble, funny, honest?

Authenticity is key, so think about one trait you’re most known for, and emphasize it.

In your description, you can for example start with an unexpected, interesting fact about yourself. 

Your description will be your opportunity to introduce yourself, both as an attorney and as a person, so don’t be afraid to inject some personality, while adding context to your career story. And don’t forget to add what we call a “call to action” at the end… so you get more contact and booking meetings from your prospects 🙂