You heard about Widr or have been invited to join it? Here is how to get started with Widr, the new online booking system to get more clients while saving time.

First, you need to register.

In order to build a trustful and secure network of attorneys, we insist of having accurate information about you. That’s why Widr is a “verified only” professional network and that we commit to verify each and every new profile who wants to join.

But let’s go back to the first step: it’s very easy, you just have to click the “sign up as an attorney”.

Chose between signing up with Google or Outlook (we encourage you to register with the same email address you use to manage your day-to-day agenda.).

If you wish, you can sign up with your email address but it will take longer.

Then, it’s time to complete your profile and fill your professional information, such as your job title, your specialization(s) and your services as an attorney.

Be extra careful and detailed in your “services” section, as it will help service seekers and other attorneys to find you. Explain what you like in your job, how you’re used to work, which languages you speak,…

And your business info: company, office address, how you work (office, at the client’s or visio), and so on.

Finish by adding a benefit for your client, a discount for the first consultation for example, and don’t forget to add a profile picture, because people like to see a friendly face when they’re looking for help.

Right after this, you can see your page, as any visitor would, and make some changes if needed, and also set up your calendar, by showing your available time slots.

To really get started, you need to have your first meeting booked with a Widr team member. This will allow him/her to acknowledge your profile and verify your account.

Once you’ll be a verified member, you’ll be able to promote your Widr page and get new clients through the platform.

Welcome on board!!

You have some questions? We’re here to answer! Please let us know in the comments or feel free to contact us at