You’re all set with your Widr page and ready to get more clients? To achieve this goal, you have to promote a bit your Widr page.

Here are some tips and tricks to share your page and schedule more meetings. And more easily.

Why is it important to promote your Widr page?

Obviously it’s important to share and promote your Widr page so you can get more leads!

Our solution was designed to help you, attorneys, to get in touch with new clients and keep in contact with your current clients more easily.

We’re happy to say that if you follow these simple tips, you’ll probably get up to 30 meetings per month, in just a few weeks.

Share your page in your mail signature

As your email is a tool that you use every single day, it’s essential that you find a way to promote your Widr page through this channel.

We suggest you add your Widr page link to your automatic email signature, with a call-to-action related to your page description.

To help you save time (one more time), here is a time-tested message template you can add right away to your email signature. It’s the most efficient way to share your page link with someone, and show that booking a call is easy, simple and quick!

That way you will get -20% of emails while avoiding the back and forth (sometimes up to 5 emails!) until you agree on a time slot to talk.

“ Here’s my booking meeting link, so we can avoid the back and forth of finding a time to discuss.”

To clients you might not know well (yet), here is another message, more formal:

“ Thank you for your interest in my profile. Let’s book a call to discuss more about your needs and how I can help. Click here (insert Widr page link) to see my availability so we can avoid the back and forth of finding a time to meet.”

Promote your page on your website

Each of your website visitors will probably have a look at your contact page: they want to know how to get in touch with you and how far from them you’re located.

But we think that most importantly, they need to be able to book a call (a 15 min visio conference) directly from your website.

By adding your Widr page to this specific page, you can increase your number of bookings: converting website visitors to book a call with you, without taking them away from your site is the best way for this purpose.

If you’re not keen on embedding your Widr page directly on a page of your website, other options are available to you: you can embed your page in a small footer widget or in a pop-up window.
The choice is yours!

Send your Widr page via text message

Another way to drive traffic on your Widr page would be to send it via text message.

As your Widr page is mobile friendly, don’t hesitate to send its link to clients, prospects, friends and families by text message.

Nowadays, the messages received on mobile device can boost response rates and incredibly help to engage.

Start by creating a draft of text message in your smartphone (plan 10-20 min for that).
Then, when your conversation with a client is over, you can directly text him the link to your page so he/she can book a new meeting for example.

It also can be a great way to follow-up to an email.

Some useful tips to create a successful SMS:

  • Keep your message short: over 90% of all text messages are read within 3 min. A tiny window to connect with your clients.
  • Indicate the link of your Widr page in the SMS.
  • Don’t forget to include a clear call-to-action.

Also, remember to:

  • Have permission from your clients to send them commercial text messages,
  • Include a way for them to unsubscribe or opt-out.

Redirect to your Widr page from LinkedIn and other social media

Final tip to promote your Widr page: talk about it on social media!

Begin with filling out all the fields in the different networks: you can for example reuse the description you’ve created for Widr on other platforms. And don’t forget to put your Widr page’s link everywhere you can.

Then, understand that your audience on LinkedIn is not the same as on Facebook. So be prepared to adapt your copy.

Examine how your audiences are different and feel free to experiment with various vocabulary and tone.

Whenever you can, engage with your community: remember to explain what you do, how you can help, which problems you’re used to solve and for who. Tell stories about your firm’s achievements, put your employees in the spotlight… all in order to put a human face to your Widr page, and then your business.

Also, keep in mind that every time you share your Widr page, you must take this opportunity to provide value to your readers. And clients.

We hope these few tips on how to share your Widr page will simplify your work and bring you new clients. We’re here to help so if you need anything else, just ask