At Widr, we often make the same promise: by using our online booking system, you will save time and money, because you’ll spend less time planning while getting more clients.

Well, today, we push this promise further with adding that by using such a tool, you can save up to 20% emails!!

How it generally goes to find a time slot that suits everybody

Want to know how? Let’s see how it generally goes, when 2 people try to find a time slot to meet

(note: To keep it simple, we’ll take only 2 people in this example, because the most people are involved, the more complicated it gets)

. When you want to book a consultation with or lawyer or any other kind of professional really, you usually send a first email to ask for a meeting and quickly describe your need.

. Almost every time, the lawyer will positively welcome your request and ask for your availabilities.

. You might reply to the message with one or several time slots proposals but there is a pretty high risk that none of these time slots suits him/her.

. Here goes another round of emails

. And it might 4-6 emails until you agree on a date and time to talk!

Of course it can be easier and quicker than in our little story, but unfortunately it’s still fairly rare.

And that’s why we created Widr! Save time, send less emails, get more clients!

How Widr does really help you?

Make your daily life easier with Widr!

As advice seeker, you obviously want to choose an attorney that fits you perfectly.

So you go to Widr, the new booking system and check the time slots that you like.

The tool is very well thought so you’ll see only available slots. No disappointments.

You can book a call in 1 click and then you’re 100% sure that the meeting will happen. You have all the infos: date, time, subject of meeting and link to access the visio.

Plus, you’ll get some reminders before the appointed day.

On the lawyer side, our innovative solution has many advantages too:

As lawyer, you register to Widr and you can connect your Google, Outlook or Apple calendar, so every new meeting you get through Widr will be automatically added to your agenda.

Once you’re connected, you just have to set up your usual availabilities, and that’s it! Your available slots will be automatically shown and synchronized every time you have a new meeting, a cancelled meeting or you just want to switch off and enjoy your holidays.

Just like the client, you receive reminders (email + notification) so you don’t miss any meeting.

Some bonuses using Widr as a lawyer:

  • Widr automatically takes into account different time zones.
  • It’s available from all your devices.
  • A 15 min gap is planned between meetings so you have a small break and can prepare for your next appointment.

You have some questions about Widr? You need more infos or advices? We’re help to help! Also, try Widr for free now and let us know what you think.