consultations without leaving your home

After a period of generalized strike and the implementation of a remote system generalized on a national scale by many companies, the question of moving to one’s place of work arises in a new economy governed by digital technology. 

Since the second half of the twentieth century, crowded transport and traffic jams have rhymed with rush hour. At a time when we are questioning our lifestyles, particularly in terms of the ecological impact of our consumption and travel, it is interesting to consider new measures, particularly in the independant professions.

The liberal professions and the digital shift

As far as the liberal professions are concerned, many of them are now going digital, thanks to videoconferencing, especially lawyers. Setting up an efficient system requires the use of adapted tools: for a fluid, effective, secure and simple rendering. 

Widr videoconferencing

Widr videoconferencing meets all these conditions to offer a service adapted to tomorrow’s methods, combining ease of use, security and quality of service. All this, free of charge! Carry out your consultations without leaving your home.

videoconfercing for lawyers
  •  Its simplicity

No software installation is required for its operation, the video is compatible with all operating systems and browsers. 

Automatic sending of invitations with reminder integrated in the client’s and lawyer’s agenda (iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook).

Videoconferencing with no space limitations, as many people can participate as desired.

  • Confidentiality

The only way to join the videoconference is to have the unique link leading to the video. Each link is personalized with the lawyer’s name. 

Notifications are sent when someone joins the room. A strict security protocol is applied during the videoconference so that each discussion is encrypted and not transcribed.

  • Its quality of service

The tool was developed in partnership with Dolby Laboratories, which has developed a series of digital audio technologies that exploit lossy data compression. This ensures optimal sound, and suppresses keyboard and surrounding noise.

It is also possible to share one’s screen directly, and to read and sign documents live.

online meeting for lawyers

At the end of each call, a detailed report with the date, duration, the interlocutor, and private notes is sent. This allows lawyers to automate and manage invoicing.

Carry out your consultations without leaving your home
  • And what’s more, it’s free!

Widr videoconferencing is always free, no matter how long or where the guests attend the videoconference, it is possible to join the videoconference via a phone call with a local number, at no extra cost.

Lawyers: Carry out your consultations without leaving your home

For all these reasons, equipping yourself with the Widr videoconferencing tool will help you protect the planet while switching to new ways of working. These will allow you to gain in productivity, on a daily basis.