As part of her status as a Widr contributor, we are pleased to present Salomé Mabilon, a student-lawyer at the Montpellier Bar School.

Salomé Mabilon’s career path

Since her childhood, Salomé has been a member of a good number of humanitarian associations. Altruistic, she is moving towards legal training to help the less fortunate. A singer and writer, she publishes a few novels, notably Jonathan enters the sixth grade, a children’s novel to de-dramatize the start of the school year. Salomé is also in the process of drafting a legal guide on unaccompanied minors.

A student lawyer at the Montpellier Bar School, having completed her bachelor’s degree and then her master’s degree in law in Avignon, Salomé Mabilon has always had the defence of the most vulnerable at heart. Her areas of expertise are criminal law and foreigners’ law.

From this vocation was born the association JAILEDROIT, which Salomé takes care of during her free time with some volunteers.

Salomé Mabilon & JAILEDROIT

JAILEDROIT is a solidarity and collaborative platform where everyone can offer their help.

It is a system of classified ads through which everyone can offer their help to a migrant child. Each migrant child can benefit from the help of others through the classified ads posted.

Thus, individuals can make their material donations directly on this platform: bicycles, clothing, food, books, French lessons….

But that’s not all, JAILEDROIT is also a platform that makes it easier for foreign lawyers to collaborate. The platform offers a dialog box between specialized lawyers. They can then discuss the best strategy to adopt according to situations that some people are familiar with.

This platform also offers migrant support workers and associations a tool to centralize needs. On the one hand, thanks to a tab with legal information offering better care for migrant children in France. On the other hand, associations and carers can directly enter their equipment needs on the platform.

JAILEDROIT creates the link between the different actors in the field.

Salomé Mabilon

For Salomé, it is a platform that creates the link between the different actors in the field, a field that has been very fragmented until now.

JAILEDROIT : Their news

Today JAILEDROIT has already two public awards : the innovative competion of Conseil National des Barreaux (CNB) and the competition of l’incubateur du barreau de Montpellier.

Public Prize for innovative competitions of the Conseil National des Barreaux (CNB), Paris

For the moment, Salomé is working to establish contact with major associations and is multiplying partnerships, particularly with major players in the field, such as

JAILEDROIT also aims to raise as many funds as possible, mainly through crowdfunding. Everyone can contribute to the development of this solidarity project by making a donation here.

In the long term, the objective would be to multiply collaborations and work jointly with the associative actors. Salomé is considering setting up an online solidarity shop for goods related to humanitarian aid.

Salomé Mabilon & Widr

The lawyer is changing and we should be taking advantage of this change and the technological tools to change the profession. Individuals are often lost in their search to find the right person, at the right time for the right issue. It is therefore a good approach to use these tools and to make them available to all.

Salomé Mabilon, December 5th, 2019

As part of the development of JAILEDROIT and its Widr contributory status, Salomé meets many lawyers on a daily basis. She broadcasts Widr’s technology with her interlocutors to facilitate daily matching.

In the future, Salomé plans events organised jointly with Widr. According to the student lawyer, these are complementary projects.

On a daily basis, she promotes Widr technology in the context of matching lawyers in immigration law with associations providing assistance to migrant minors.

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