Medias, lawyers, legal advice seekers… many people talk more and more about Legal Tech. But what is it? Why is it the future? How can the Legal Tech help you doing your job as an attorney? Let’s find out together!

What is the Legal Tech?

For a few years now, digital companies have brought to the world, and especially to the legal world, many new digital solutions.

Therefore, Legal Tech means two things:

  • This is the technology that simplify the practice of law for attorneys,
  • And it’s also the technology that helps consumers (and citizens) to access legal expertise, or more generally to access justice.

For lawyers and their law firms, the Legal Tech allows to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for legal research, or tools for a lot of tasks: to draft and store their documents (such as, to track and record their time, to manage conflicts or class action (see the French V pour Verdict for exemple) and much more.

Today if we’re completely honest, we know that most attorneys only use email and Microsoft Word! It’s still better than the old paper files in lockable filing cabinets. But we know that more and more lawyers are looking nowadays for new ways and new tools to be more efficient. That’s one of the reasons we created our online booking system, Widr.

Because being more efficient means working faster, and then being cheaper. 

So to summarize, the Legal Tech uses new technologies to bring innovative solutions to law professionals.

But the Legal Tech has also sets as goal to serve more the legal advice seekers: too often, theses clients (individuals or companies) think a law advice is too expensive, or an attorney too difficult to approach. That was true until recently. But with the development of such tools, as attorneys save time, law advice becomes cheaper.

The Legal Tech commits to provide new, modern and easy tools to accompany the legal advice seekers into the enforcement of their rights and to extend law and justice to many more people, including the underserved and disadvantaged populations. With the Legal Tech, they can get easier and more effective legal advice.

Why is it the future of the law world in France?

Today in France, the Legal Tech is made up of more than 25 companies, all aiming to reinvent the approach to law.

The Observatory of Economics Actors of the Law market even evaluates this market at 32 billion euros!

At a time where 7 French out of 10* state that it’s more and more difficult to access law advice and law action, we, at Widr, are convinced that the Legal Tech is the future in the French world of law.

We strongly believe that a whole new generation of companies can combine entrepreneurship, legal skills and technological skills, and create a whole new bunch of tools, both for attorneys and for legal advice seekers. And we’re so glad to be a part of it!

*According to a 2019 survey from the National Bar Council.

At a law firm level, we think that they will recognise the greater working efficiency attached with Legal Tech tools and services, as well as cost savings and the creation of an agile working environment.

In a pretty old survey from 2015, 94% of the firms surveyed said that improving the use of technology in their daily work life was top priority for the following year.

We’re pretty sure it’s still a priority today, now that everyone know that digital is the future and now that new tools are developed every day.

Ready to join the movement? Start using Widr today (as trial, for free) and see by yourself how some digital tools of the Legal Tech can help you save time and organize yourself more efficiently in your day-to-day work life!