You’re willing to move abroad? For work or for personal reason, moving in and settling down in a new, foreign country can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know all the laws of the country you want to move in.

To help you with your administrative procedures, you might need an immigration attorney.

How an immigration attorney will help?

For your first step, an immigration attorney will help you with all the paperwork and administrative tasks and will guarantee the success of your visa granting.

Among many tasks, your immigration lawyer will carry out all the formalities for you. According to the countries, they often are complicated, hard to sort out. The attorney will be your guide.

He will also give you many advices on which supporting documents must be enclosed in the file (that depends on your request: visa application, citizenship application, family reunion request, etc.), how to accelerate the procedure, what are the chances of success, and so on.

If all goes well and you want to obtain the citizenship, your attorney will prepare the request for you, and once again will carry out everything.

Hire a lawyer will help you avoid being overwhelmed by all the paperwork and will ensure your file is serious, carefully prepared and ready for granting.

How to find the right person for my need?

The first thing to do to find a good attorney is to look at the right place.

For an “in real life” solution, you can ask for a government free consult and they will then redirect you to a professional.

Online, you can look at a directory of attorneys or at the attorneys official websites. This will give you a good overview of the services they propose, the delays you can expect, the chances of success…

In any case, there are a few things you can check on your own to help you find the right person, specifically for you:

  • Specialties

A lawyer can be specialized in so many fields that you have to be very cautious when looking for one.

About immigration, you obviously need to get in touch with an immigration lawyer.

But there are still a few subdomains the lawyer can be specialized in: Foreigners rights, visas and work permits, citizenship acquisition,… so make sure to check that the lawyer has the right expertise to help with your request.

  • Fees

To help you decide which lawyer to hire, it’s recommended to compare, in advance, the fees of several lawyers.

Select a few laywers and compare their fees will help you chose the right one for you. See what you can have for which price, if it seems fair or overpriced.

  • Reputation

Do a quick reputation analyze to decide if this lawyer seems good or not. Look online: is the website professional? Does he seem to be competent?

Try if possible to compare several lawyers (LinkedIn can be a good tool), and ask around for opinion on this or this lawyer.

  • Geographic location

Choosing a lawyer geographically close to you can be more convenient so you can visit and talk to him in person, but in some cases you might have to find a local immigration attorney to help you settle in the foreign country you aim to.

In case of a local immigration attorney and if you’re not in the same country yet, you will have to be proactive and very responsive by email, phone, Skype, and so on.

If your attorney is close by, take that chance to bring papers when you need to, drop by to sign this or this and be reactive at all times.

The geographic location, as well as the responsiveness can really speed up the procedures.

Once you’ve met the attorney, evaluate the contact you had with him/her: How was your first meeting? Did the lawyer listen to you? Was he really available? Do you feel you can trust him?

If the answers are positive to all these questions, you might have found the perfect match for your need!

You now hold the keys to chose the right attorney to guide you through the process of moving abroad. Let’s go!