You’re fresh out of law school and you consider starting your own law firm? Then the foundation of your success will be your ability to find new clients.

Here are some tips to help you find your first clients.

Rely on friends and family 

As they are the closest people to you, and they know you best, your friends and family will be the best referrals to help you find your first clients as an attorney.

Obviously, you will be the first person they’ll mention when one of their friends or acquaintances needs a lawyer.

It’s essential you keep in touch with your this particular “network”: they must know what you’re doing and be apprised of your activities: are you starting a new firm, did you just get an associate, what was your latest success, and so on.

All it takes is a few emails and some occasional phone calls.

Later on, you can upgrade your communication channels and set up regular newsletters, clients alerts,…to be more efficient, more professional.

Even if friends and families are the most logical part to start, many attorneys ignore that step. We really recommend you don’t ignore this long potential list of business contacts. Because yes, even if you’ve just graduated, you already have business contacts, more than you think!

Go online

While you’re taking as much advantage as you can with your friends and relatives, you shouldn’t forget to develop your online presence as well.

1. Have a website

First of all, your website will allow you to introduce yourself: your degree, your profile, your way of working… and most importantly: how you can help the visitor.

You can also showcase some previous cases, and update the website as soon as something new about the firm comes up.

Good to know: the domain name is crucial. Chose it carefully.

2. Use the blog

Once your website is live and running, you can begin to write some content on a blog.

By sharing your knowledge, you can attract some clients.

Also, it’s an opportunity to share content about your law firm and then connect with prospective clients.

Keep in mind that each post you write is supposed to attract people and make them contact you. And finally increase the number of clients you get.

3. Social media

Having a blog is an excellent way to start publishing on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… chose the platform according to your specialty, and where you think you can find people who need your legal services.

Being on the social media world, you can, occasionally create some promotion like “Get a free consultation” or “Pay only if we win”.

Be creative and post frequently are the keys to success on social media.

We know it may seem like a lot of work for not much, but we guarantee it will be worth it.

4. Booking system

To cut some costs and avoid hiring a secretary, you can easily create your own booking system.

It’s a simple online webpage, when you can redirect people so that they can book in just a few clicks a consult with you.

The advantages are numerous:

  • Gain new leads,
  • Obtain new clients as a young new attorney,
  • Be guided by Allia, your personal assistant to set up your own online booking system,
  • Be part of a referral network, for any size projects,
  • Improve the image of your firm.

Join the Bar Association in your community

You don’t have any connection? Then it might be a good idea to join a Bar Association in your community. You can join the Bar Association of the city you live in: Chicago, San Francisco,…

That way, you’ll make connections and build relationships with other attorneys. Together, you can share what you do, share you success, talk about the issues you encounter,… and it can lead to mutuel exchanges of clients, in both ways as you will refer to each other.

We hope these few tips will help you find your first clients.

Keep in mind it’s not because you’re a young attorney that you don’t have the skills or expertise to develop your own firm and your network of clients. All it takes is just some organization, work and a touch of creativity…